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Power-Medic power supply repair services are performed by degree'd engineers and technicians with many years of factory training and hands-on experience in power supply failure diagnosis.  All of our service personnel and benches are grounded to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD).  We utilize solid state adjustable load banks to test your power supply's outputs from minimum load to full load and beyond.  Variable AC input transformers are employed to test your power supply at both low line and high line conditions.  Output ripple and noise on each output of your power supply is monitored to ensure clean DC outputs.

We use computer grade, low ESR capacitors and original semiconductor replacement parts in our repair process.  If the original components are no longer available or difficult to obtain in a timely manner,  we use “equal or better” alternate components.  Our component stock is kept in sealed ESD approved containers until ready for use.

Your power supply repair is performed by qualified personnel who are trained in ISO, Total Quality Management (TQM), and NASA workmanship standards.

After your power supply repair is completed, it is burned in at full load for a minimum of 8 hours before being returned to you.

                                          Additional Services and Features

Volume discounts

Refurbishment service

Transparent repairs

Free evaluation

Free failure analysis reports on request

Free test data sheets on request

Free replacement sourcing

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