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Repair Or Refurbish?

If your power supply is
more than 5 years old, we strongly recommend that you have it refurbished. 

Electrolytic capacitor failures are the main causes of power supply problems.  These capacitors have a tendency to fail frequently after 5 years in use, and they can cause various problems, ranging from a completely dead power supply, to noisy outputs, to catastrophic failures in the high voltage inverter section.

Fan failure is another common problem with older power supplies.  When the fan fails, the power supply can easily overheat, causing anything from dried out capacitors to blown semiconductors, and
possibly fire.

When we refurbish your power supply, we replace all electrolytic capacitors, as well as all overheated components and burned wiring.  All fans are replaced.  We also inspect all PC boards, and reflow any suspect solder joints as needed.  In addition, cosmetic damage is repaired whenever possible.

If you choose to have your power supply refurbished, we will perform a free parts and labor estimate upon receipt of the unit.  We will then contact you for price approval before any work is done.

All power supplies refurbished by Power-Medic carry a 30 month warranty.

Refurbishment does cost more than a straight repair, due to the increase in the number of parts replaced and the amount of labor involved. 
Should you opt for a straight repair rather than a refurbishment, you will initially save some money up front to get your power supply operational again.  However, if your power supply fails later on in some extreme way due to old capacitors, a bad fan, or other reasons that a refurbishment would have eliminated, the unit might become non-repairable.  This can turn into a major issue if the unit is out of production and replacement units are not available.

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