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Pricing and Payment


All of our repair prices are flat rates, based on the output wattage of the power supply and the complexity of its design.* 
Flat rate pricing enables us to quote you right over the phone, thereby eliminating costly delays associated with estimates and downtime.  If your power supply model is not in our database, we may ask you to send it to us for a free evaluation so we can provide you with an informed repair quote.

Power-Medic strives to offer the lowest flat rate pricing in the industry.    We also give volume discounts!

There is no charge for power supplies determined to be non-repairable.  You will only pay return shipping costs if you would like the unit sent back to you.

If your power supply cannot be repaired, we will attempt to find a replacement unit for you at your request. We are pleased to offer this service to you at no charge!


Additional charges may apply in rare cases to cover high cost replacement parts, such as power modules, transformers, or large filter capacitors. We will obtain your approval prior to completing these repairs.

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